Thursday, February 21, 2008

The Histories

Hello again! I haven't much to say in terms of 'hellos' today because I really want to talk about this new band. I should state, however, that I hope you enjoyed last week's pick (Meals For Children) fore you see, this week I have chosen the band I did because they are in fact going to be playing the same Troubadour show in March with Meals. So, in case any of you guys and gals decide you really like either or both of these L.A. local bands, you'd have a chance to catch both at the same time. So, submitted for approval of the midnight society, I present to you... The Histories.

The Histories (pictured above) Huh.. how do I describe them? Well here, I'm going to cheat again and give you the link to their myspace so that you can listen while you read and see if what I say translates. (Might I suggest such hits as 'Everything Has its Own Backyard' and 'This Beard is a Humble Bear!'). It's definitely all played on an acoustic guitar, but to say it 'sounds acoustic' wouldn't make sense, because I'm sure when you hear "acoustic" you think slowed down and melodramatic. But if I were to say, "no man, you don't get it! It's a pumped up happier acoustic..." You'd think, oh... quick, drunk strumming and yodeling. But shoot! That's not The Histories at all. Hmmm... Haha--seriously, the only thing that comes to mind to describe them is the music of a liberal, urban cowboy in a dark blue hoodie.

The Histories is most entirely the work and music of Maxwell Strachan (I'm proud to say a close friend and former band mate of mine). Tailoring the backbone melodies and lyrics to his songs alone in the modesty of his room, he brings them out to his band to record in all the drums and horn sections, making for a delicious blend of lively-ness and soulfulness, all of which should be coming out on their upcoming EP (pictured below). But you know, don't take my word for it--Give 'em a listen, I'm sure you'll agree. You can also read more on them (and Meals) in this interview with

But in all, I deliver the Histories to you because I feel they stand as a wonderful direction for music to stream down, and I want you guys to be amongst the earliest to hear it. And really, if you enjoy them, and you enjoyed last week's band, then try and make it out to Los Angeles March 14th for what I can only imagine is going to be a great show at, what is by far, my favorite L.A. venue. I hope you guys can get there, lord knows I will be. Much love friends.

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I love reading your reviews. Keep 'em coming!